Daily Maths Puzzle is exactly that... a different maths puzzle brought to you every single day!

Each day a maths puzzle will appear.  You have all the time you need or want to answer these questions, before checking on the solutions page to see if you were correct.

Each puzzle is given a "star-rating" with 1-star being an easier puzzle and 3-stars being harder.  As a very rough guide the puzzles are generally:
  • 1 star: suitable for ages 10+
  • 2 star: suitable for ages 13+
  • 3 star: suiable for ages 15+
Feel free to share these puzzles and test your friends and family.  You can browse through past puzzles and solutions, as well as leave comments and questions.

Special thanks to:

  • www.subtangent.com
  • www.mathsisfun.com

If you have any questions checkout the FAQ page or leave a comment on one of the puzzle comment boxes.